Foundation of the company ERHOPHAL that has since the production of special steel knives and blades 1982 around the world. Over the years, we shifted our production continues in the direction of blades.

We decided to extend the product range planer blades on.

We introduced the patented multi-profile system on the market.
A short time later, the company ERHOPHAL made with the introduction of HPS® brand name and was achieved great success with this unique product.

We developed the next innovation, the bonding of carbide to steel.
This method gains in the wake of rising raw material costs on increasing importance.

We introduced our product range in order to complete the plan and profile planing. Linked to this, we started 2010 production of carbide system planer knives.

We moved into our new office building.
The now available premises allow us to structure manufacturing, warehouse, distribution and logistics to optimal 2012 for you.We obtain thus, for our customers, now so important high delivery.

With us you are through Innovation and Quality the ever increasing demands one step ahead.