Multi Profile System

The new generation of UNI profile cutters

The TC high-performance cutting tool to satisfy the high demands of abrasive wood fibre and composite material (e.g. MDF, Multiplex, Corian) processing.

  • Can be used in all customary UNI «Euro-System» profile cutter heads, while retaining existing deflectors
  • Modern high-performance cutting materials such as Tungsten carbide and HS-steel
  • Optimised price/performance ratio
  • Approx. 130 standard profiles are available
  • Custom-made special profiles
  • Can also be used on CNC-machines
  • Economic processing of difficult materials
  • Reduces tooling times/costs
  • Easy handling

The processing of modern, abrasive wood fibre, composite and special materials such as MDF, Multiplex, Corian, etc. and the increasing use of CNC technology in wood processing make ever increasing demands on the cutting tool. Especially in the area of standard tools, these demands cannot be met with adequate effectiveness by currently known systems.

For this reason, the MULTI-PROFIL system presented here has been developed. The selection of high-performance cutting materials such as Tungsten carbide and HS-steel and the compatibility with existing receiving tools offer the economic solution to today’s manufacturing tasks.

The MULTI-PROFIL systemis characterised by the following features:

  • The high-precision manufacture on state-of-the-art CNC machines guarantees highest fitting and profile accuracy and a precise fit in all commonly used cutter heads.
  • The cutting tips that are available in Tungsten carbide (TC) and HSquality can be selected in accordance with the material to be processed and thus afford a high degree of flexibility while also reducing your costs.
  • The use of TC-cutters guarantees a much longer service life compared to known SP and HS qualities = optimised price / performance ratio
  • Approx. 130 standard profiles are available from the classic UNI profile range which are as usual available at short notice
  • It is possible to continue using existing profile deflectors
  • Thanks to the form- and force-locked system tension in the head, the maximum permissible profile depths can also be realised for special profiles.
A small selection from approx. 130 standard profiles